What can be done to protect the confidential information inside the company.

It is essential for a company to develop a comprehensive preventative and enforceable policy in protecting its confidential information, whether they are handled in house by employees or independently by third parties. All possible eventualities for misuse should be explored and counters against them planned ahead of time because, by ignoring to do so, a party mishandling your confidential information stands to gain everything and to lose nothing.

A company is allotted protections by the law in the safeguarding of its confidential information or trade secrets.  As long as the company acts legally and utilizes the appropriate deterrents in a timely fashion, it is allowed protection in the court of law.  That route, however, is often the more costly option so it is recommended to be proactive instead of reactive.

Below, we will discuss some of the recommended measures that should be taken before, during, and after the sharing of confidential information and its use. Some preventative action that can be taken to protect confidential information include: 

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Background and history checks of parties involved in its use
  • Physical security systems i.e. surveillance, locked areas and computers, firewalls
  • Limit and monitor access
  • Constant communication and general reminders
  • Well-defined and enforceable consequences for breach

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