What is Temporary Protected Status?

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) may be granted by the Secretary of Homeland Security because of temporarily dangerous conditions in their home country. Examples of dangerous conditions include:


      Ongoing armed conflict, e.g. civil war

      An environmental disaster or an epidemic

      Other extraordinary and temporary conditions


The U.S. may offer TPS to people from countries or regions who are already in the States. An individual who is without nationality may also be granted temporary protected status based on the country where they were last a national.

People in the U.S. under TPS are not removable and also cannot be detained because of immigration status by the Department of Homeland Security. They have the right to get an employment authorization document and may have travel authorization.

It’s important to remember that this is a temporary benefit that does not automatically lead to permanent resident status or any other immigration status. People in the U.S. under TPS may, however, apply for nonimmigrant status, file an adjustment of status or file an immigration petition for permanent residency.

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