Treaty traders, investors, their families and employees (E visas)

The E category of visas is available to the citizens of countries, which have treaties with the United States. E visa workers are those needed to oversee work, taking place in the U.S.


E visa holders must prove these three requirements:


     The U.S. has a treaty with the country where the applicant is from.

     The company in question has majority ownership or control by nationals of the treaty partner country.

     The E visa applicant is a citizen of the treaty partner country.


This category specifically applies to businesses whose majority ownership, investments or control are held by nationals of a country with which the U.S. has a treaty. The visa holder must be a citizen of the treaty country.


There are two different types of E visas.




The E-1 visa is available for people who are “treaty traders.” These are people who need to be in the United States to facilitate trade between the U.S. and their home nation.


Treaty traders may stay for an initial two-year period with up to two 2-year extensions. Once those extensions are up, however, the same person may apply for a new E-1 visa and restart the entire process. There is no limit on the number of times one may re-apply.




The E-2 visa is available for people who are "treaty investors." These people have made a serious and substantial investment in a company, which operates in the U.S. Investors may travel to observe and monitor companies when necessary. The requirements for an E-2 visa are the same as those for the E-1.


A note about family of E visa holders


Spouses and unmarried children under age 21 of treaty traders and investors may travel with the worker as dependents. Family members need not be citizens of the treaty partner country to accompany the worker. Spouses of E visa holders may work by filing an application for an employment authorization and paying a fee.

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