TN NAFTA Professionals

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) applies only to citizens of Mexico and Canada. These visas are available for business and employment, and require:


     An applicant possesses one of the professions listed in NAFTA Sec. 214 (e)(2). 

     The job position requires a NAFTA professional.

     A job has been offered and pre-arranged.

     That the visa applicant is qualified for the job in question.


The duration of stay for TN visas is three years with the possibility of extension. Canadians are not required to apply for the TN visa ahead of time at a U.S. consulate's office. They may obtain the proper designation from a U.S. customs and border patrol officer at certain border crossing locations. Documentation of citizenship and job placement must be presented, along with a fee.


Mexican citizens are required to apply for the TN visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy in Mexico before travel.


Dependent spouses and children under 21 may be able to go with the worker under a TD visa. These family members may not work in the States, but they may study.

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