Business visitors and tourists

B-1 Visa


The B-1 visa is for business travelers. These travelers do not intend to stay in the country long-term, and they must prove that to the U.S. Consulate upon application, as well as to the border agent they encounter when they arrive. They usually show this by ensuring that they have a permanent job and a permanent address back at home. The key to the B-1 visa is to prove that you are simply planning a business trip.


Individuals who visit with a B-1 visa are naturally allowed to conduct their necessary business activities, such as meeting with partners and clients, attending expos, conferences, negotiating contracts, conducting market research, and other relevant matters. They cannot, however, be paid by any U.S. employer for work. This is an important line that must not be crossed by B-1 visa holders. Business travelers with a B-1 visa are often issued a B-2 visa at the same time. Let's move on to learn more about the B-2 visa.


B-2 Visa


B-2 visas are for pleasure travel or medical treatment in the U.S. B-2 is sometimes called a tourist visa. This is the visa people request when they want to enjoy a vacation or holiday, or a visit with friends and family. People who wish to come to the country for medical treatment may also qualify for a B-2 visa, with the understanding that once they finish treatment, they will travel home as soon as they are medically able.

People who come on a B-2 visa must be careful to avoid engaging in certain prohibited activities: becoming a student, employment, paid performing, work as a member of the foreign media. Should they wish to engage in one of the listed activities after arrival to the U.S. with B visa, they should promptly apply for a change of status with the USCIS. An experienced immigration attorney can assist with the process to make it go smoothly and expeditiously.


Crewmembers who arrive in the United States while working on an airplane or water vessel cannot use a B-2 visa for entry.

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