Athletes, Entertainers, Their Families, and Support Personnel (P Visas)

P visas are a “catch-all” category of visas for athletes and entertainers that don’t qualify for an O visa. These include:


     P-1A for internationally recognized athletes.

     P-1B for members of an internationally recognized entertainment group.

     P-2 for individual performers or part of a group traveling under a Reciprocal Exchange Program.

     P-3 for any artist or entertainer who is part of a culturally unique program.

     P-4 visas are available to spouses and children under 21 who wish to travel with the primary visa applicant for the duration of their stay. P-4 visa holders may attend school or college while in the States, however, their time in the States will be the same as the principal visa holder.


The difference between a P and an O visa is that to obtain a P visa the foreign nationals do not have to demonstrate the possession of any exceptional ability; they only have to show that they are members of the above professions and are coming to the U.S. with the purpose of participating in their professional capacity in an event being held in the United States.


The duration of stay varies based on the special event or itinerary of the individuals or qualifying group. For more information on P visas or qualifying cultural exchange programs, speak with an immigration attorney.

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