Ambassadors, diplomats, officials and employees of foreign governments, their families and associates (A and G visas)



These visas apply only to foreign diplomats, consuls and other high-ranking government officials who travel to the U.S. on official business at an embassy or consulate. A-1 visas are issued to individuals like:


       Heads of state;

       Other high-ranking officials in foreign governments, and;

       Their immediate families.




These visas are for foreign employees, civilian or military, who must travel to the U.S. on official business. This includes people like the full-time embassy or consulate employees, government officials invited by the U.S. government for the purpose of government business, foreign military personnel stationed at the U.S. military bases or foreign embassies or consulates in the States. Their immediate families may qualify for an A-2 visa as well.




A G-1 visa is for diplomatic representative of foreign governments. It is issued solely for the purpose of entering the U.S. for work with an international organization.

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