Website hosting agreement

This agreement is made to obtain website hosting services.


Website hosting agreements vary in length and complexity depending on many factors, including:


     The size, nature, and complexity of the website.

     The scope of services being provided.

     Whether the website is to be hosted on shared equipment or on dedicated equipment used only for the customer's website.

     Customers’ requirements.


When parties negotiate the agreement, the following should be considered:


·    Who will be providing website maintenance and support services besides hosting.

·    If a customer may need hosting services for several websites in the future, it is good to agree on the rates for every subsequent purchase.

·    Details of the website and hosting service required.

·    Equipment and other hardware, software, technology, and other materials a provider may use to provide the website hosting services.

·    If a provider provides website support services as well, minimum service levels the provider must achieve and remedies if the provider fails to achieve them.

·    Whether the provide will have access to the customer’s systems and security concerns in this regard.

·    Who is responsible for updating the website content.

·    Data security, privacy, disaster recovery, and other provisions may be required to protect the customer.

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