About us

We provide sophisticated and customer focused legal representation in all matters of

We believe that qualified legal representation involves not only expertise in the subject matter and outstanding performance, but also creativity and determination to find the most beneficial procedures for our clients.

Our representation is always:

  • transaction focused – we discuss in detail all surrounding circumstances and desired outcomes with each client. Then we choose together plan and strategy that is the most beneficial to a client from legal, financial and personal perspectives.
  • forward-looking – we consider the interests of our clients on a big scale beyond every single representative matter and design our services to ensure the long-lasting benefits
  • efficient – we have zero tolerance policy for unnecessary spending of time and financial resources
  • expeditious – we begin to work on each matter immediately upon inception and render quick results
  • integral and transparent - we provide our clients with honest, straightforward and personable strategic input

Our focus on value, knowledge, right organization of the resources and drive to succeed provide the fuel toward excellence.

We bring clarity, security, accomplishment, and peace of mind to our clients.

We have resources to handle the most complicated matters and render practicable solutions.

Finally, we provide more than qualified legal assistance. We are trusted advisors to our clients, to whom they can turn for consultation, guidance, help, or simply for a different perspective on the challenges they face.


Our Projects:

The Startup Law Center

Startups & Entrepreneurs Legal Group - educational and networking association

Our Books:

Business Law for Entrepreneurs. A Legal Guide to Doing Business in the United States.

Startup Law: A Legal Guide for Entrepreneurs Working on a Startup Venture

The Complete Guide to US Immigration Law

Other Publications

The Role of Corporate Governance in the 2008-09 financial crisis.

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