Who qualifies and when to apply

When do I get sworn in?

Citizenship through parents.

What is the process of applying for a green card under this EB-5 category?

What constitutes an investment?

Immigration Program for Investors EB-5

How investment can be made?

Why preference category matters?

Who does not qualify for family preference immigration category?

What if my U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse is abusive? VAWA Petitions

Spouses, parents or children of a member of Armed Forces who died in combat

Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens

Immediate relatives of Permanent Residents

How do I apply for a green card for a relative who lives outside of the United States?

How do I apply for a green card for a relative who is already in the United States under one of the nonimmigrant categories?

How can you get a green card through marriage?

Family Preference Immigrant Categories

Can I get married during removal proceedings?

Programs that require a sponsorship of the U.S. employer vs. programs that can be applied for independently

Immigration program EB-4 for Religious Workers and Special Immigrants

Immigration Program EB-3 Professionals, Skilled and Unskilled Workers

Immigration program EB-2 for Professionals with Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability.

Immigration program EB-1C for Multinational Managers and Executives

Immigration program EB-1B for Outstanding Researchers and Professors

Immigration program EB-1 for individuals with extraordinary ability in arts, science, athletics, education, or business

I qualify for one of the EB visas. What comes next?

How can I get a National Interest Waiver?

Business and Employment in the United States

Parole for foreign startups

U.S. Immigration for Entrepreneurs

Who qualifies for asylee or refugee status?

What’s the Convention Against Torture, Deferral of Removal?

What is Withholding of Removal?

What is the process of receiving asylee or refugee status?

What is Temporary Protected Status?

What is humanitarian parole?

What is Deferred Enforced Departure?

Visa Waiver Program

Treaty traders, investors, their families and employees (E visas)

Transit, Crewmen and Other Temporary Visas

TN NAFTA Professionals

Temporary Employment (H visas)

Religious Workers (R Visas)

People with exceptional abilities, their families and support personnel (O Visas)

Participants in Cultural Exchange Programs (Q Visas)

Law Enforcement Visas (S, T and U visas)

Intra-company transferees (L Visas)

Work training (H-3 Visa)

H-2B - skilled and unskilled workers

H-2A – agricultural workers

H-1B1 Free Trade Agreement Professional (FTA)

H-1B - a specialty worker

Foreign Media Representatives (I Visa)

Fiancées or spouses of the U.S. citizens and their unmarried children (K visas)

Family members of lawful permanent residents (V visas)

Exchange visitors (J Visas)

Business visitors and tourists

Athletes, Entertainers, Their Families, and Support Personnel (P Visas)

Ambassadors, diplomats, officials and employees of foreign governments, their families and associates (A and G visas)

Academic and vocational students and their families (F and M visas)

A Difference Between Non-immigrant and Immigrant Visas