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One of the most exciting moments in the life of any company is when it launches an IPO. That stands for an "initial public offering" and it basically means the first time that a company begins to trade stock on a public stock market. Before reaching this pivotal moment one should consult with a startup lawyer to figure out the right time to launch into public markets. 

Did you know New York ranks as the 5th most entrepreneurial city in America? That means there are a lot of competing ideas out there fighting for the same available capital as you. Starting a business is always an exciting but engaging process. You’ve spotted a gap in the market, you’ve come up with a way to address it, and now you’re ready to launch. What next?

Over the years, I’ve come to realize as a business lawyer startups require both business law and startup law support. Many people starting a new business and hiring on new employees can be a bit uncomfortable with carrying out background checks. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong about conducting these checks on employees or clients. Businesses that do this are protecting their new business, their employees and their clients.

When you have a viable idea and you have ascertained how much money you need and how you will spend it to run your startup, the next step is to find suitable investors. While the idea of looking for funding may seem scary, being prepared will ease out the tension. The good news is

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