There are many benefits to permanent resident status.

Some of them include eligibility to most government benefit programs (including medical, retirement, educational), unrestricted international travel, ability to sponsor other family members to a permanent resident status in the U.S. Basically, permanent residents have the same rights as the U.S. citizens with the exception for voting for the U.S. government and physical presence requirement. Physical presence requirement means the permanent residents cannot be absent from the United States for longer than one year without receiving a permission from USCIS to do so prior to their intended departure without risking to loose their status. Usually it is not a concern for most people since crossing the U.S. boarder once a year and maintaining ties with the country that prove intention to resume residence eventually will satisfy this requirement. However, should the circumstances require a person to be outside the United States for longer than one year, a person should apply for a re-entry permit and receive an approval before leaving the country.

 All green cards issued since 1989 have an expiration date of ten years after its issued. This doesn't mean that the residency period is up in 10 years, but the card must be replaced every ten years for a new one unless a person obtains U.S. citizenship before the green card expiration date.


There are five main ways to get a green card. They are: 

     Through family

     Through employment

     Through investment

     Refugee or asylum status

     Green Card Lottery


Other less common methods available in limited circumstances (e.g. human trafficking or other crimes victims and witnesses as briefly addressed in Section 1).

The process to visit or permanently move to the United States takes hard work and dedication, but the results are worth it. There are many organizations and immigration attorneys in the U.S. who are eager to help you realize your dream. However, be careful to get consulting and assistance only from the experienced and well-educated professionals, as some mistakes may be irreversible.