Failure in one form or another is all around us. Failed marriages, failed sports teams, failed ideas. While society likes to look only at the outstanding successes in the world, most do not stop to think about what can be learned from failure. Businesses of any size would do well in studying failures and learning how to move forward from them.

Failing Becomes Something To Look At

A business startup is something that perhaps has one of the highest rates of failure. No matter how good an idea may be, the reality is that it is very hard to get a business up off the ground. The majority of new companies that come into existence end up failing rather quickly. Ask an business attorney if they are doing company failure cases and they can show you a whole portfolio. 

One place that a business lawyer might be interested in looking at is a museum in Sweden dedicated to the very idea of failure. The  Museum of Failures is located in the Swedish city of Helsingborg and features some of the greatest product flops of all time. Some of these include: 

  • Bic For Her
  • Colgate Lasagna 
  • Twitterpeek

These are just a few of the ideas that a startup lawyer might have looked at and nixed right away. However, these were ideas that made their way out to the public and ended up being costly embarrassments for the companies that created them. 

Remember That Failure Can Be A Great Teacher

A startup lawyer can attest to the idea that failure can be a great learning experience. Most of us certainly do not appreciate the experience at the moment that we are feeling it, but with time we can come to appreciate what it has taught us. The reality is that we all make mistakes. What we learn from those mistakes is what sets us apart.  Failure is just a part of running a startup. If you take it too personally, you are not learning what you should be. Instead, consult with your business attorney and see how you can fix the mistakes of the past and learn from them in the future. 

Do Not Spend Too Much Time On It

"Learn the lessons and move on" should be the mantra of everyone who wants to learn from failure. It is certainly what a good business lawyer NYC would tell you. They know that dwelling on your previous errors only causes them to solidify. Suddenly you may feel that you are unable to move on from past mistakes. When this problem compounds you get results like  Blockbuster vs. Netflix. 

Executives could not get over mistakes from the past and instead focused on in-fighting. This played perfectly into the hands of their competitors over at Netflix, and before you knew it Netflix became the dominant player in the industry. Meanwhile, in 2013 Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy. 

Try A New Path

If what you have attempted in the past lead to failure, why not try something new? That is what all great successes eventually do. Sometimes they have to fail a number of times before they learn the lesson, but anyone who strives for greatness knows that they must pick up the pieces and learn from their mistakes. 

The best way forward often requires throwing out the playbook and starting over. If you are not willing to do that, you will likely struggle to get over failures in the future. You must set your ego aside for this one.