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I am very happy that I’ve finally found an attorney about whom I am confident that she will always pursue […]

- Andrew W., a business owner

I am greatly thankful for the first-rate legal services Ekaterina Mouratova has provided to me, my company, and my family. […]

- Elena A., a business owner

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17 Dec

How to Get More Things Done

Have you ever wondered how successful people get all the things they need to accomplish done? Well, aside from having the best assistants, they must have consciously built certain routines, that later on had become second nature to them. We don’t need to be a CEO or an Entrepreneur to start practicing these strategies. We [...][…]

15 Dec

Be Wary of Fraudulent Lawyers

Be wary of Immigration frauds. President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration Reform is not effective until around May 2015. There are no guidelines available yet. So don’t fall for corrupt lawyers who say otherwise. In fact, to eradicate such problems, New York government is set to reinforce its sanctions for fraudulent acts in relation to [...][…]